What is Coaching?

Personal Coaching - also known as Life Coaching - can address all life issues.

These can be private issues such as a separation from your partner, heartache or even fear of commitment. Also, business topics can be in focus, such as challenges on the career path, professional orientation for career starters, problems with colleagues or the desire to change the job.

In every area of life, there can be questions or uncertainties that cannot be answered by one person alone, and advice from family and friends cannot help.

Neutral and professional
A coach can offer a great deal of support as a neutral and professional discussion partner. He does not judge or condemn. He listens to you carefully and empathetically and serves for reflection. He is a kind of process companion.

In this way, you can confidentially address the issues that concern you in a protected setting. Coaching is always voluntary and requires a good and trusting relationship between coach and coachee.

Make your strength visible

Through coaching, hidden wishes can be revealed, your very personal goals can be worked out and addressed through various coaching interventions.

Through coaching your own strengths, which you have had for a long time, can be made visible and mobilized. Self-efficacy is made conscious to the client, so that he can act accordingly.

The Coachee is in the focus
A coach aligns himself with the individual needs of the coachee. As a rule, the coachee is informed in detail beforehand in a job clarification meeting about what the goals are and how the coach can support and accompany in achieving them.

1 - 10 sessions common
For a coaching phase, it is usual to have between 1-10 sessions to clarify important issues of the client. But ultimately, the client decides how often and how long he wants to work on a topic.

When is coaching useful?

Coaching is always useful, when it is about topics that can occupy and influence the client. We are happy to clarify whether this is the case in a free preliminary talk.

Increase quality of life
The client may, for example, find himself in a tense situation within his professional environment or in a personal conflict situation. Perhaps his performance is limited or he has change requests. The goal with coaching in every situation is to achieve more and more quality of life for the client!

Coaching Procedure

Coaching can be carried out in different ways.

On one hand, you have the possibility to book me for a personal coaching session. This would normally take place in coaching rooms in Berlin- Mitte or, on certain occasions, I would visit the client.

Furthermore, there is the possibility for coaching by phone or online coaching via Skype or Zoom. Furthermore, I do email consultation. I am also available for coaching sessions in other countries, so that clients from e.g. Switzerland, Austria or Great Britain can contact me as well. The coaching times can then be discussed with me individually.

I am offering coaching in German and in English language.

Coaching usually consists of 1 to 10 individual sessions. The individual session is between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. You can decide from appointment to appointment whether all questions have been clarified or whether you would like to continue working on another topic.

All conceivable life topics can be discussed with me, such as

  • Relationships, Dating, Anxiety in Relationship, Fear of Commitment
  • Emotional Codependency
  • Relationship Break Up, Processing Lovesickness
  • Family, Parental Role, Education, Children
  • Job Search, Wish for Job Change, Development of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Career Start, Career Issues, Founding an own Business, Leadership, Team, Your Calling
  • Time Management, Work Life Balance
  • Communication Topics, Conflict Management, Growing Up
  • Dissolving Limiting Beliefs, Internal Resistances, Self- Confidence, Self- Confidence Work and Issues
  • Overwork, Stress
  • Your Goals, Dreams, Wishes

I look forward to hearing from you!
Warmest Greetings,
Angela Arndt


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