What is Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive and person-related accompanying process for professional and private issues.

The client is always in the focus.

Find solutions
The coach himself does not provide direct suggestions for solutions, but encourages the client to find solutions himself.

Self-development of the client
Coaching is always solution-oriented as well as goal-oriented and focused on the conscious self-development of the client.

Respectful relationship
Coaching is voluntary and takes place on the basis of a respectful and trusting relationship between coach and coachee. The coach maintains confidentiality and discretion at all times.

What I offer

I am working as a Life Coach as well as a Business Coach in Berlin.

The coaching takes place in coaching rooms in Berlin Mitte. But I am also available for online coaching sessions and telephone calls.

Life Coaching
As a Life Coach or Personal Coach, I support people in very different and individual topics. From a crisis of meaning or excessive overload to lovesickness. Everything is discussable.

Business Coaching
Furthermore, I am offering business coaching. I support e.g. executives in individual four-eye coaching sessions.

Career Coaching
But also for all other career questions, such as career entry or career change, I am available with a career coaching process.


Angela Arndt Coaching  |  Michaelkirchstraße 21, 10179 Berlin
Phone: +49 157 71000632  |  Mail: mail@arndtcoaching.com

Are you interested in a coaching – session or do you like to learn more about it without obligation? Or do you have another question?

Please feel free to contact me!

Angela Arndt