About me

In my work as a coach I help you to take a look into your inner being and to get to know your own inner psychological processes and reaction patterns.

This is exactly what I have always been interested in: The human being in itself in its complexity and wholeness. It is fascinating for me to be able to support and accompany different and interesting life paths.

I am a fully qualified lawyer with two state exams, a child of the Baltic Sea, a great nature lover and a big yoga fan.

For many years, I was able to familiarize myself with operational processes, difficulties and challenges as a lawyer in very different companies in Berlin.

Also, numerous stays abroad and learning new languages have awakened and expanded my interest and enjoyment of different cultures, mentalities and life models.

Intense self-reflection

But also through my own path in life, which of course had its ups and downs, I was able to practice clarifying and sorting out inner questions through intensive self-reflection and professional guidance.

In various coaching sessions, I was able to experience the client's side myself, which is a decisive point for my current coaching activity. Personally, I have experienced how effective and goal-oriented professional coaching can be for my own career. And I would be happy if I could pass on exactly these experiences to you.

In doing so, I fall back on professional methods and interventions that have proven successful and that can support you in building clarity, self-efficacy and the ability to act.

Find new ways
It is a great satisfaction and pleasure for me to support people in difficult situations with conversations, tools and scientific input, to show new ways and to set impulses for action.

Become aware
It is important to talk about what moves you internally. This is how things become conscious. And becoming aware is the first step towards change.

Systemic Personal and Business Coach
At the Coaching Academy Berlin, I am trained as a Systemic Personal and Business Coach. The Coaching Academy Berlin is an institute of the European Coaching Association and accredited by the German Federal Association for Quality in Systemic Work.

wingwave® Coach
In addition, I am currently in training of becoming a wingwave® Coach. In addition, I have a broad spectrum of experience in professional and methodical conversation management.


Angela Arndt Coaching  |  Michaelkirchstraße 21, 10179 Berlin
Phone: +49 157 71000632  |  Mail: mail@arndtcoaching.com

Are you interested in a coaching – session or do you like to learn more about it without obligation? Or do you have another question?

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Angela Arndt